Remixing mental health

Tomás Alvarez is a leading social entrepreneur whose dedicated his career to helping youth heal, grow and lead. He is a pioneer of Hip Hop Therapy, an innovative approach that combines Hip Hop expression with proven therapeutic techniques to promote mental health and wellbeing. In 2011, he launched Beats Rhymes and Life, Inc., the country’s first nonprofit dedicated to the provision of Hip Hop Therapy. More recently, he founded the Hip Hop Therapy Global Institute (HHTGI). For his trailblazing work in the field of adolescent mental health he was selected as a CNN Hero, NBC Top 20 Innovator, and lifetime Ashoka Fellow. In 2016, he served as a SEERS Fellow at Stanford University in the Program on Social Entrepreneurship through the Haas Center for Public Service.

Tomás’ passion to help youth thrive has been driven by the core belief that all youth are at-promise. This belief underscores his asset-based approach to mental health care which builds upon the strengths of youth and views them as change makers in their community.

As a published author and passionate speaker Tomás enjoys sharing his bold vision for a new mental health paradigm that focuses on children’s wellbeing. He is on the change leadership team for the Children’s Wellbeing Initiative, a joint project between Ashoka and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. Tomás has been featured on several major media outlets and spoken at some of the top conferences, universities, organizations and companies across North America.


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